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I'm Lucy.

I am a Jesus Follower
Wife to Patrick
Typography Nerd
Book Worm
Not a Coffee Addict (Dr. Pepper is my fuel)
Painter + Calligrapher
Paper Hoarder

I am currently the Assistant Art Director for VIE Magazine and The Idea Boutique©, located in the heart
of charming Grayton Beach, Florida. I married my sweet husband, Patrick, on June 17, 2017, and have relocated to Mobile, Alabama while he is in medical school. 

I find so much joy in being a creative. Design opens up opportunities for me to explore, grow, communicate, inspire and be inspired. I know that this fire in me to create comes from the Ultimate Creator, and I want to share this gift in order to glorify Him. I am excited to see where all He leads me on this journey through design!

Photo by Kaela Rawson