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Thanks so much for taking time to learn more about my work. I am currently one of the Design Directors for Dixie Design Collective. I am grateful to work alongside such an incredible team of creatives! In addition to my work for Dixie, I love collaborating with brides to create custom wedding invitation suites that incorporate my calligraphy and illustrations. You’ll also find me working on my #Sweet&SavorySeries, a delicious way for me to flex my watercolor muscles throughout 2019.

Being a creative brings me so much joy. Design opens up opportunities for me to explore, grow, communicate, inspire and be inspired. I know that this fire in me to create comes from the Ultimate Creator, and I want to use and share this gift in order to glorify Him. I am excited to see where all He leads me on this journey through design!

If you are interested on working on a personal commission or a collaboration, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to create something with you.

xo, Lucy

Photo by Kaela Rawson